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The Site of the Baseball Dice Strategy

This site has been realized mainly with the purpose to present the video game "Baseball Dice Strategy"  what have personally realized and that I wish I were there too share with many lover of baseball.
The idea has recovered it by the game that had conceived as a child, unfortunately more of forty years ago, when with the friends,  in winter, we are not able practise our sport in the field.

The Pedro

This, old bean, I am  "the Pedro" (name of battle) in actual version author dilettante planner of the game that in these pages to  want to present

It is an inhabitant of Maremma of Tuscan, proud to be it and pleased about provision
in a marvellous earth and I wish I were there too that all you can have the occasion to visit and to enamor you of its sea, of its hills and of its mountain where the
call of the celestial nature the anguish and the frenzies of a life that runs ahead

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What is Baseball Dice Strategy

Baseball Dice Stategy  is a game for computer with operating system Windows and it consists in the simulation of a game of baseball played with two dies and using the classical strategies of our (bunt, steal and hit and run).
The “throwing” of dies happens in two/three phases: with the first it will have the dotting relating to the throwing carried out by the pitcher,  the second phase will make the dotting of the answer of the batter what if inferior will be considered a launch strike, if superior it will have a hit (or a ball) what will give start to the phase third gear or the extraction of the dotting of the defence in reply to the dotting of the hit ,  from the result it will depend the result of the action with the elimination of the batter (or of runner) or a base hit  with everything that ensues.
To the extraction of the dotting of dies it provides the computer while in presence of runners on the bases to the two players it is submitted the decision of the action to undertake supposing the “signal” comes intercepted from the adversarye the player in attack will have to disposition the dotting of an only die, otherwise will be the player in defended to answer with an only die.
The action so finished is |visible| through a replay that does see in the field what has happened.
The game concludes after nine innings.
With regard to the squares these is organized in leagues totally personalized. In the end they will have the classifications of squaresof the batter and the pitcher.

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I and the baseball

I have known the baseball per age of 7 years, they were the first '60 years, looking a day, from over the tack, a group of a boys provisions in field are not known as and that raced in a strange way and |sopratutto| had in hand of the as much bewilder boxing gloves.
All these strangenesses fascinated me at once much what a few days later with two friends it tried to do again what had seen.
We predisposed our triangular diamond ( motives of space ) and fortified of a baton, what was supplied by the grandfather of a friend and that it were a piece of those batons that came used one fine day to load the muzzle-loading guns and of a little little ball, we systematized  in field, two in defended and the other with the baton. A launched as it could and it knew behaviour and the other with as much inexperience it looked for to strike that little little ball for which adding all we lost more time to recover the little ball what ended at a distance in back of the batter what to look for to beat and take the wisecracks ( that also that a few succeed ended to himself lose in the tall grass of the lawn ) and it takes an oath |po| of game on bases.

It my first photos
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